How to buy a laptop/tablet on a budget?

Are you looking for a productive device to buy on a budget? Here’s what you need to know.

We’re living in an era full of technological advancements, and it’s going so rapidly that we don’t have the time to check all the new gadgets and devices out. So as a result, when you’re looking for a new laptop (or possibly a tablet) to replace your old one with, you’re gonna have to put a lot of time and effort to understand the new features and compromise all the products you’re looking for, and the factor that makes it even tougher is when you’re on a budget.

Once my laptop was broken, I had to look for a new device to hold as my daily companion. After some searches online, I realized how hard it is to find a product that is both practical and cheap. So after diving to a couple of dark corners on the internet, I came up with this guideline on how to find a cheap but productive laptop/tablet.

Don’t forget you’re on a budget  

We always want the best, it’s in our nature, and when it comes to looking for a new gadget, this is onces again proven. Once you start your search, you can’t help yourself not to look for the fanciest, highest priced laptops and tablets, and since you’re on a budget, all you can do is to start beating yourself for all the time and money you’ve ever wasted in your life (it might go as far as telling yourself you could’ve bought a Lamborghini if you’d saved up money, but trust me, you probably couldn’t, stop all the negativity!). So, all you need to do, is to look for a certain price range based on your budget. This can also help you pick a lot more easier. Be realistic and don’t go (way) further than that price range, and don’t forget you don’t want to spend all your savings on a new device.

Realize your needs

First things first, make a list of all your needs, then start the journey, cause you’re gonna see a vast variety of different models from each manufacturer, so vast that you might’ve never heard some of the brand names! So, write down your priorities (for instance mine was to have a stylus for writing and sketching, having a physical keyboard to write easy, and to be light enough to avoid future back problems and a possible scoliosis!), be straight to the point, and if the website you’re looking for has filters for products, enable the features you have on your list.

Can the lowest-price be any good?

The brutal truth is if you really wanna have a pleasant device that runs the OS smoothly, the answer is a big NO, since in a super low price range, the hardware is so weak that I don’t even know why they make those (you might’ve noticed while playing with a kid’s tablet, that it’s way slow and crashes any now and then)! So, I believe not buying anything would be better than buying a very cheap device, unless all you want it for is to read a couple of pdfs, listening to music and possibly watching low quality videos on it.

Windows, iOS or Android?

Well, to keep it short, each has an advantage and disadvantage. Here’s a brief look at each:


You have access to almost everything you need, but having a touchscreen display and a stylus comes with a price. Best for having an all-around device, managing your files and real video and photo editing.

Recommended device:

Surface Go

$399 64GB – 4GB RAM

$549 128GB – 8GB RAM

*Surface Go Signature Type Cover sold separately for $129

*Surface Pen sold separately for $99


Highly portable Windows laptop

All around features


A bit small for a laptop

Not very powerful

Huge bezels


The ultimate device for the entertainment of any sort, doing some things done on the go and enjoying your device with a pleasantly neat OS.

Recommended device:

iPad Air 2019

$499 64GB – Wi-Fi

$779 256GB – Cellular

*Apple pencil sold separately for $99

*Smart keyboard sold separately for $159


Apple pencil (1st generation though)

Excellent display

Type cover keyboard

Smooth and clean OS

Almost the same old design

Not everything can be done on iOS


The best option for those who want to do a bit more on a tablet, although it wouldn’t be as easy as working on an iPad.

Recommended device:

Galaxy Tab S4

$649 64GB – WiFi

$749 256GB – LTE

*Galaxy Tab S4 Book Cover Keyboard sold separately for $149


All new S Pen comes free with the product

Gorgeous display

Great speakers for a tablet

Samsung DEX

Android apps

Samsung DEX!

What I went for

I would work with all three, and you could also find cheaper products too, but if you want to rely on your device for a couple of years, these are the best options out in the market.

I personally chose the Galaxy Tab S4, for being a very portable and productive device while being in a nice price point. It’s still not a productive as a windows, but yet one of the best all around devices for working on the go.

Other options:

Galaxy Tab A10.5 2019 32GB Wi-Fi


iPad Mini 2019 64GB Wi-Fi


Asus Transformer Mini

From $286

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