The Craziest Wimbledon Match of All Time

Djokovic _ Wimbledon _ The Smoking Area

What happened in the longest final in Wimbledon history

The first set started with both players being very stable, holding their service games till they reached the tie break, although Roger had the chance to break his opponent’s game, he couldn’t do so. As they started the tie break, it was Djokovic who seemed to be the one putting more pressure on Federer, and at last, he was successful in taking the first set 7-6 (7-5) as Roger hit a couple of shaky ground stokes. 

The second set went down in a very different way. It was Federer’s time to show his abilities on grass, breaking Djokovic in two straight sets, winning 4 consecutive games. All in all, he broke Novak’s last service game as well, winning the set 6-1. 

The third set was not so different from the first one. After Federer lost a set point on Djokovic’s service game, eventually the set ended up in a tie break again. Federer, who had been playing incredibly good during the set, seemed shaky again on the groundstrokes in the start of the tie break, and even though he tried to do a come-back, this was Novak again who won the set 7-6 (7-4) playing more stable tennis in the deciding game.

Federer was successful in breaking Djokovic’s service game, and with a 3-2 lead in the fourth set of the match, it was Djokovic who was struggling to stay in the set, but Roger was on fire and Novak was not as robust as he had been in the last games, so Roger broke another game, but he was broken right after that, and waited for the next chance. Finally, he won the set 6-4.

The final set started with Djokovic’s serve, and he seemed very stable again, but Federer was not going to let it slide easily. The players were going on serve in the deciding set. Both players were dealing with tough situations, being on the verge of getting broken, but somehow they managed to move to the next games staying on serve. After all, it was Djokovic who managed to break Federer’s game on the 5th game of the final set, and it was Federer’s turn right away to take the break back and he did it magically. At this point, it was probably the most exciting tennis match to watch in the past couple of year, with Federer serving at 3-4. After the whole stadium shouting ROGER, ROGER, Federer won his service game, moving to the 9th game of the 5th set on serve. But Djokovic was not getting influenced by the crowd, trying to concentrate on every single point, and winning his service game. Federer started to serve at 4-5. In one of the most stressful games of the match, Federer managed to stay in the game. Djokovic made a double-fault in the worst time possible. It was 15-30 that the Serbian made a magical jump on the net, getting a drive volley winner; he was now leading 6-5. The 37-year-old was not about to stop fighting, and he stayed in the match. The clash continued when Djokovic powerfully won his game to lead at 7-6. Federer served well to take the match to 7-games-all. It was Djokovic who was broken when no one expected it, and it was now 8-7 with Federer in the lead. He was serving for the match. It couldn’t get more dramatic when Federer lost 2 championship points and the game to Djokovic. Novak was now back on the track and held his serve to take the lead back once again. 9-8 Djokovic. In the most breath-taking clash between these two guys, Roger held his game. The battle didn’t finish until it got to the final set tie break at 12-games-all. Once again Federer showed a poor performance in the tiebreak and it was Novak Djokovic who the last point of the wildest Wimbledon final of all time on Federer’s miss-hit forehand. Djokovic won the last set 13-12 (7-3), and became the champion of Wimbledon 2019, after winning Roger Federer in four hours and 57 minutes.

The Serbian celebrated his 16th grand slam title, and his 5th one in Wimbledon in the longest Wimbledon final in the history of the tournament, and one of the most extraordinary tennis matches in of the sport delivering the highest levels of tennis and showing an iron nerve when he was not the fan-favorite.

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